Thursday, September 26, 2013

Peter Doherty @ Jane Club, Paris Sept 25 2013

Peter Doherty @ Jane Club, Paris Sept 25 2013
Another acoustic show by Peter, this time at the Jane Club (former Rock'n Roll Circus where Jim Morrison supposedly died of an heroin overdose).
Only 17 euros.
Show supposed to start at 10:00 but people are still queuing outside when we arrived at the club long after 10pm.
We're still waiting in the staircase to get in when Peter is walking past us to go straight on stage. The club is packed but far from being sold out.
Peter is on acoustic guitar and there is a girl on violin (the same girl from the show @ Bus Palladium a few months ago where Peter complained all the time that he hadn't been paid)
Peter is in fine spirit, a bit stoned as usual, stopping playing when a girl is offering him a book and a letter, he's getting the girl to read some lines from the book then back to normal for some more songs, including new single "Nothing comes from Nothing" stopped before the end as he broke a string. Unfortunately they don't have any spare strings so he'll keep on playing his old beaten guitar with 5 strings. "Last of the English roses" is recorded below so enjoy !
After just an hour he broke another string so that was too much, Peter said goodbye and left as fast as he came
Nice gig .

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