Monday, September 16, 2013

Madness @ Olympia, Paris Sept 16 2013

Madness @ Olympia, Paris Sept 16 2013

Another great moment with MADNESS
Yeah baby, another great evening with MADNESS, the band is back in Paris just a few months after playing the Trianon theatre (on March 11 2013).
The Olympia is quite full, almost sold-out and all ages gathered to dance to the music of Madness.
As usual the band is starting the set with "One step beyond" so that everybody can get in the mood straight away by dancing like mad.  The atmosphere is lively and friendly down the front with many English ( not too drunk).
The singers are making you feel as if it was home and the guys are enjoying themselves and so is the audience, hard to do wrong with some many great songs (see setlist below for details), and a couple of newbies too.
Another great moment with MADNESS, told'ya !

 "Always look on the bright side of life" & Merchandising ( no relation)

setlist @ Olympia in Paris

Madness @ Rock en Seine
@ Ciné Aqua

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