Sunday, December 18, 2011

Peter Doherty @ Le Tigre, Paris Dec 17 2011

updated Dec 20 with link to pics from the show and this video below

Peter played yesterday night ( saturday Dec 17) @ Le Tigre club in Paris
Sorry we were NOT there as Boxer rebellion was playing La Maroquinerie

From what we've heard he played around 2:00am for 20 min, wasn't happy as people were making lots of noise (speaking loudly ?) He poured beer over the audience, then broke his guitar on the miror-ball threw it into the audience and left.
Pictures from the show HERE

Peter already played for the 2nd anniversary of this club on Nov 19 and in March (see review here)
We saw him @ Colette briefly on Nov 17 when Marie-Flore played this store.

Check our review of Peter 's gig @ We Love Green Festival in Paris in September 2011 with exclusive video in his dressing room.