Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Marie -Flore + 4 guys from the Future @ Colette, Paris Nov 17 2011 5:00PM

updated Nov 19 with link to more Pics from this show

Marie Flore
+ 4 Guys From The Future @ Colette, Paris Nov 17 2011
Music Box N°9

Small show @ the downstairs Water bar of Colette store, Rue St Honoré.
As we're waiting for friends outside while the DJ is playing music downstairs Peter Doherty and a French actress are getting out of a cab and are making their way into the store.
I guess he's here to see Marie-Flore who opened on some of his shows.
It's a free show, general admission but there are not too many people; free drinks , bagels & muffins for all.
Last time we were here was just 2 years ago on Nov 16 2009 to attend a reading with Lou Reed.

Marie-Flore is playing with her new band a 6-7 songs set, she's much more rock than she used to and is playing new songs from her, to be release, album.
Cool set. (Peter had already left the premises without attending)

More Pics from the show HERE @ Oliver's + review HERE

After a short intermission Danish psyche rock band 4 Guys From The Future are playing a 30 min set of Shoegaze -psyche music.
Cool set too
A friend of mine told me that Jared Leto was there and stayed a couple of minutes.
Cool party but they kicked us out as everything had to be packed up by 7:00pm as there was an other party afterwards in the same room.