Sunday, October 30, 2011

Coldplay @ Cigale, Paris Oct 31 2011

Coldplay @ Cigale, Paris Oct 31 2011
It's a gig that a lot of people are waiting for: Coldplay @ the tiny Cigale.
There was a time a few years ago Coldplay was playing theatres like the Olympia in Paris, they are so popular that they are playing arena size venues ,@ Bercy in December, and probably next year @ Stade de France.
So we know that we are very lucky to see them live in such a tiny théatre.
No tickets were sold for this event only competition winners in the pit downstairs and guests of sponsors ( Orange, Nrj radio ) plus record executives & journalists at the balcony.
We didn't go to the pre-show cocktail @ The Boule Noire nextdoor as we just had dinner so we took a nice spot on the left and waited for the gig.

It started at 9:00pm sharp, I don't know what's wrong with this band but they always had a funny look, for this tour this is worse than ever: there is paint everywhere , on the backdrop, on the piano, on marshalls on the guitars and on their clothes. It looks really awful.
The lightning's not that great either but they do have lasers to great effects.
First time I'm seeing lasers @ Cigale.
Chris Martin is a great showman with a nice voice alternating on the acoustic guitar and the piano, he still has a funny way of dancing but that's ok.

We had their first two records which were very good but after that, this band turned into crap with many "stadium songs" with lots of "OOOHHs" &" AAaaAAhhHHs" to sing to.
Lots of girls in the audience tonight and great atmosphere with lots of singing along and jumping.
In fact they turned into a second rate U2 with the same kind of silly songs, they probably won't care as they are surely laughing all the way to the bank.
The set was very short, they left the stage for the first time after just 60 min, for the encore they played a couple of minutes of Amy Winehouse's "rehab" as a tribute between "clocks" and "Fix you" (here on video).
We have mixed emotions: it was a good gig but ruined by too many average songs
See ya @ Bercy in December !

We went to the after-show cocktail @ Boule Noire, the band didn't turn up but we didn't stay that long. We spotted French director & Producer Luc Besson in the corner.
Pass-sheet & setlist

"Clocks" + Tribute to Amy Winehouse with "Rehab" + "Fix You":

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