Monday, May 23, 2011

Kitty Daisy & Lewis @ L'Album de la Semaine, Paris May 24 2011

Kitty Daisy & Lewis @ L'Album de la Semaine
Paris, May 24 2011

Kitty Daisy & Lewis from Durham , England are doing this famous Canal+ tv show to promote the new album "Smoking in Heaven" to be released at the end of the month.
Still the same vintage rock 'n roll with a bit of reggae thrown in, they have a guest on a couple of songs on the trumpet (for the reggae songs), he was already there when they've played in Paris @ Café de la Danse in March last year.
The girls are as sexy as ever with their tight dresses and long hair.
They ended this 7 song set with an instrumental which is the title of the new album
Good show