Saturday, May 21, 2011

Handsome Furs + PS I Love You + The Crookes @ Fleche d'Or, Paris May 20 2011

Handsome Furs + PS I Love You + The Crookes @ Fleche d'Or
Paris May 20 2011
The Crookes
Just on time to catch the last 5 songs of English pop -rock band from Sheffield The Crookes, it's like seeing The Smiths or The Jam reformed, nice up-tempo catchy tunes, nice rhythm.
Well worth checking.
PS I Love You
Then we have duet PS I Love You, it's a famous expression ( and also a Beatles song) but a stupid name, how can you find that band name on the internet ?
Guys you should have that in consideration before calling yourselves PS I Love You.
Anyway cool heavy blues rock, it's probably vey difficult for the guitar player to sing AND to play moog bass with his right foot, they should hire a singer as his voice is horrible but we like the short driven heavy greasy bluesy guitar song witha touch of electro.

Handsome furs

Last but not least is Handsome Furs, another duet.
I was a bit afraid when i heard them testing the instruments, it sounded VERY electro and we hate that here. In fact yes it's electro but heavy with guitars for some songs.
The husband is singing and playing guitars the Wife is at the electro thing and rhythm & dancing and head-banging for the whole show. I'm sure they were both high on something as the girl couldn't stand still and between songs was lying and rolling on the floor.
They may remind you of The Kills but BETTER, why better ? well... they have the songs which The Kills doesn't have.

Fun night out with 3 very different bands

Handsome Furs: