Thursday, May 19, 2011

Akron/Family + Crane Angels @ Café de la Danse, Paris May 19 2011

Akron/Family + Crane Angels @ Café de la Danse
Paris May 18 2011

Crane Angels from Bordeaux

First: thanks to Mr J. for the Tix
Second: Probably the weirdest gig We've been to this year.

As we're making our way into the Café de la Danse in Bastille, Crane Angels are already playing, 11 people on stage: drums, bass, 2 guitars, keys and a few backing vocalists.
Between The Beach Boys & Arcade Fire, really nice discovery and they're singing in English.

Akron/Family is next, they're barely on stage and the'ye asking the audience sitting in the stalls to come downstairs in front of them so they can dance as it's friday (in fact we're thursday) and it's time to party, the people who remain sitting down were dubbed Thursday ( or even wednesday) people.
They started with a very Neil Youngish song but then things get weird, some of their songs are African influenced others are really psyche with a bit of electronic or even Jazz.
Hard to tell when a song ends and when another starts as we've never heard them before.
Difficult to say if they're playing 6 min long song after another or if it is a 13 min long one.
Lots of audience participation, the guys are coming up the stall to play a bit of percussion and lots of weird noises with the electronic keyboards.
I fell like being at the Olympia in London back in 1966 watching The Pink Floyd with Syd Barret.
really weird gig but interesting !