Sunday, February 20, 2011

Next Shows for the end of February...

Band of Horses/ Skunk Anansie/PJ Harvey

Check first before going, we'll go to these shows
Feb 21:
Razorlight @ Fleche d'Or (sold out) check our review of the last gig @ Bataclan in Nov 2008
Timber Timbre @ Fnac Montparnasse @ 5:30pm ( free show)
Keren Ann @ L'Album de la semaine (invit' only)
Feb 22:
Razorlight @ Fleche d'Or (Sold-out)
Skunk Anansie @ Olympia (Sold-out) Check our review of the private gig @ Nouveau Casino in Sept 2010 & Rock en Seine 2010
Crocodiles @ L'Album de la semaine (invit' only)

Feb 23:
Kumi Solo (electro pop) + Anything Maria (electro pop) FREE SHOW @ L'International (map) M° Menilmontant
Joan As PoliceWoman @ Fleche d'Or (sold-out)
Feb 24:
PJ Harvey @ Olympia (sold-out) Check our review of her gig @ Maroquinerie with Pics, setlist and links to videos of the whole gig
Alan Vega @ La Machine
Ebony Bones @ Trianon
Warpaint @ C'est Lenoir Black Session (sold-out, invit' only)
Feb 25:
PJ Harvey @ Olympia (sold-out)
Feb 26:
Band of Horses @ Cigale (sold-out) check our reviews @ Rock en seine 2010, C'est lenoir, Fleche d'or & Album de la semaine : all in 2010

Who said nobody's going to concerts anymore ?