Sunday, November 21, 2010

Unbunny + Superbravo @ Oliver Peel session #32, Paris Nov 20 2010

Unbunny + SuperBravo @ Oliver Peel session #32
Paris Nov 20 2010

The Bill

One of the last Oliver Peel session ... for 2010 ( their should be another one in December) with french female singer from rock band Holden who's going solo under the name of Superbravo & American Psyche-Folk-Indie-Pop band Unbunny, its leader is playing solo tonight on the acoustic guitar.
Kids who wanna rock... euh Folk.(left), "sleeping beauty" (center) Some girls & Unbunny (right)

Lots of new faces for this session with people coming from all over the world: USA, South America, Germany, Austria, England & France.
lots of (very) good food, courtesy of Cécile, before she had a nervous breakdown in the kitchen. Don't worry she's alright now, we gave her a few xanax.
Lots of drinks again.

First on "stage" is Armelle Pioline who's playing with Holden for a short set of acoustic folk-rock songs with the additions of some home made loops to the amazement of some of the kids in the audience who were wondering where the second voice was coming from.
Armelle Pioline aka SuperBravo

After a short break for some more food & drinks Unbunny headlined this session#32.
He's playing solo tonight, very good set of Psyche-indie-folk songs with some funny lyrics for some of them and beautiful high soft voice and nice melodies.
Jarid del Deo aka Unbunny

Live @ Oliver's


Even Morrissey was with us

The Cast

The Aftershow Party when it turned into a Food (left) & Sex (center) orgy, plus "The Beauty & the beast" (right)

Review from Oliver Here @Oliver Peel website and lots of Pictures Here @ Flickr.