Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Agnes Obel @ Fnac Montparnasse, Paris Nov 09 2010

Agnes Obel @ Fnac Montparnasse
Paris, Nov 09 2010 5:30 PM
Agnes Orel ( not her real name) is from Danmark and she's living in Berlin.
She's looking very stern on the picture of her first album, typically German protestant not really the kind you want to have a laugh with... in fact she's really nice completely the opposite even thought you can hear by the way that she's playing the piano she had a classical training.
She performed a short set of 6 songs starting with an instrumental on the piano.
Voice of an angel.
Too bad that the girl playing the cello with her wasn't playing to add an extra flavor.
Very good set.
setlist & "aftershow"

Here's a video:

Enjoy! sorry for the sound.