Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Alvin & the 1015 @ Palais de Tokyo, Paris May 262010

Alvin & the 1015 @ Tokyo Art Club , Palais de Tokyo
Paris, May 26 2010

day & night

The famous Mathilde AKA "Madame Gateau" AKA "DJ Mime" AKA "Dépeche Mime" took me to the trendy Palais de Tokyo to attend a showcase by artist Alvin & the 1015.
Last time I've been here was for Stella McCartney fashion collection show & a gig by The Kills (click for reviews).

Before the storm

The show is taking place at the top of the Palais de tokyo@ The Tokyo Art Club with a fantastic view from the terrace overlooking the Eiffel Tower.
Lots of hype & so called trendy people many of them foreigners and lots of sexy girls.
no the typical rock audience.
Not really a fantastic party before the gig as you have to pay for a drink, what the fuck ?
No open bar and no petit-four, Crisis has struck the Palais de Tokyo right in the balls !
Never heard of this guy before, he already played Arte tv-show One shot Not.
He has a very dark and low voice , first thing that comes to your mind is that he's trying to be the new Tom Waits he even moves like Tom Waits
Songs are really cool, some are bluesy and others are really rock like The Stooges or the early RHCP when they were NOT playing shit for 15 year old girls.
No lightshow at all but projections on the wall behind the band like once again...the early Red hot Chilli Peppers.

Very good concert, Alvin has the songs , the look, the voice.
He Should go far

Check him out before he's famous.