Monday, March 29, 2010

Revolver + Lilly Wood & the Prick @ Chorus Festival @ La Défense, March 29th 2010

Revolver + Lilly Wood & The Prick
@ Chorus Fest @ La Défense, March 29th 2010

Lilly Wood, Prick out of shot

ROCKERPARIS is back to The Chorus fest in La Défense , the business district just outside Paris.
Very unusual time for a rock concert, the first band is playing at noon.
Last time, we were here for Noah & the Whale + Fink ( click for review, Pics...)

French pop band Lilly Wood & the Prick is opening ; between pop, electro (not too much) and folk this young band is doing better and better ( dixit a couple of friends who saw them last year).
The girl on vocals has a nice voice and her english is perfect, most of their songs are pop with a touch of folk thrown in ( even disco rythm for one), a bit of electro is added in the background on a couple of others.
The songs are also more powerfull than it used to with some cool guitar licks.
Cool 10 songs set.

Then we have French Pop-Folk band Revolver heavily influenced by The Beatles.
They had a couple of hits last year in France for their first album.
We saw them in December 2009 @ a Trabendo sessions (click for review, Pics...)that wasn't recorded at the trabendo(?).
We've just found out who's the "Prick" ( from Lilly Wood) when Revolver started their set, that's the guy who's telling everybody that they cannot take Pics if not accredited.
It's a FREE festival for fuck's sake !!! get a life you cunt !
Anyway, in this beautiful round tent (like the Cabaret Sauvage) lots of young girls for Revolver playing songs from their album plus a new new one ( see setlist).
Cool set but maybe they should work on their English as the prononciation is very 'frenchy'.

Don't know why they've played " get around town" ( their hit) twice, luckily they've incorporated the song " Bo Diddley" in the middle of the latter to nice effects.


Tonight Black session with Lonelady.
see ya there