Monday, March 22, 2010

Noah & The Whale + Fink @ Chorus festival, Parvis de La Défense, Paris March 22nd 2010

Noah & the Whale + Fink @ Chorus Festival
Parvis de la Défense, Paris March 22nd 2010 Noon

First on stage in this beautifull circular tent @ La Défense just outside Paris is indie folk band from Twickenham England : Noah & The Whale.
Very unusual time for a rock concert it's noon. So lot's of people here for their lunchbreak. We're in the middle of huge buildings, in the financial district of Paris.
They are a bit more than just Folk , much more Rock, a bit like a folkier version of Counting Crows with violin but they do really rock, they even have electric guitar soli.
A very good surprise, if you like what is called " Americana" this band is for you.
Oh Yes it was a free gig , first come first serve.

After a short break we have Fink from bristol, England.
Fink aka as Fin Greenhall , is playing on acoustic guitar with a drummer and bass player.
It's much more roots, more bluesy with bits of Reggae(dub) à la Keziah Jones or early Ben Harper but more funky.
I'm not really a fan of this kind of music.

That was ok for me but people seemed to like him a lot, he added 3 songs to the original setlist, 11 songs in all.
Nice way to start on a monday morning