Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Revolver @ Virgin 17 Trabendo Sessions Paris Dec 8th 2009

Revolver @ Virgin 17 Trabendo Sessions
Studio 101 Paris Dec 8th 2009
The Virgin 17 tv show recording called " Trabendo sessions" has moved from the trabendo club to the Plaine St Denis just outside Paris @ Studio 101 ( Next to the Canal+ studio 104 where is recorded L' Album de la Semaine ).
Tonight it's a double bill with French Pop-rock band Revolver and baby rockers BB Brunes.
I'm late and I'm making my way into the studio Revolver is already playing their first song.
The setting is wonderfull ( see Pics ) there's roughly 200 people, so there is lots of space and 99% girls between 14 & 18 years old.
I just know their single which is played on Oui FM, there's a nice hook to this song but after seing them here it's far from being their best song.

They sing in English and are not ridiculous , they're pretty ( really ) good at what they're doing.
At least Froggies have a decent pop-rock band.