Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ben Harper + Piers Faccini + Krystle Warren + Yaron Herman + Jarvis Cocker + Just Jack @ One Shot Not recording for Arte TV Paris June 24th 2009

Ben Harper, Piers Faccini , Krystle Warren , Yaron Herman , Jarvis Cocker & Just Jack @ " One Shot Not" for Arte
Paris June 24th 2009

Complete setlist ( click on Pics )

TV recording in front of 200+ people , very good set up as there is no stage , the audience is just in front and around the bands playing on the floor, some are sitting down ( in the front ) others are standing up ( in the back ). Most are guests from the production.
Once again the company in charge of the bookings ( Claponline ), fucks things up ... again , far from being the first time , as they called a few people, on the day, who had already booked and confirmed that they won't get tickets as there were too many people already.
What a bunch of assholes , probably that too many of their friends asked for the guestlists. Cunts . Anyway, We at Rockerparis could secure "All Access Wristbands".

First on stage is Ben Harper & Relentless 7 : 4 songs from their rockin' & smokin' new record , very powerfull songs and the sound is REALLY loud .The drummer is a MONSTER. Great
[see our previous reviews of Ben Harper @ La Cigale and Private show for Studio SFR in April ]
Then Piers Faccini ( 3 songs ) much more relax for this Folk singer with African influences .
Krystle Warren did one on her own and another one with Piers Faccini ( they did it twice ).
Jazzman Yaron Herman did 3 songs on piano.
Jarvis Cocker and his band played 2 songs from their brand new cd including the single " Angela" for which the Record Company stole my video recording at Gallerie Chappe for their official video. ( things have been settle down between us ).
Just Jack ended the show with 3 songs of his new cd.

As usual everything went smoothly , guys working there are doing a fantastic job , they change the set up in less than 5 min so you don't have to wait a long time between bands.

Once again for this tv show very good recording.
To be broadcasted in October.