Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kaiser Chiefs + Danananaykroyd @ Olympia Jan 27th 2009

Kaiser Chiefs and Dananananaykroyd @ Olympia Paris Jan 27th 2009

First band on stage in a SOLD-OUT Olympia is Dananananykroyd , they were already playing when i get into the venue. They sound a bit like Los campesinos with 2 singers, as you can see on the pictures they went down in the pit to sing and ask for " free hugs ".
Entertaining. - click on pictures for the full monthy -

Da-Nananana-ykroyd in the pit
and on stage
right in the nuts ... ergh sorry ! ...eye !!!

Then we have Kaiser Chiefs , they've always been very good live .
I'm a bit disappointed by the new cd, but sometimes you rediscover a record by having the songs played live. They opened the show with the first song from the new cd , good.
Then things started getting really hot 'til the last song.
The lightning is great and Ricky is , as usual , doing the show ; running from one side to the other,Jumping up and down ( see pictures ), having the audience sing every word . Even the people on the balcony are standing up and dancing. Ricky even had a girl on stage ( see video )
I'm glad they changed the venue to this theatre , the Zénith was too big for them , you fully appreciate Kaiser Chiefs in a club face to face.
This gig is probably not my favorite from the boys, i've seen them many times in clubs before, but everyone went home with a big smile on their face including me.
Bluesy / Greeny
Yellowy / ready
yeah YOuuuuuuuuu

Flying high
Flying high ...again

Vintage T shirt & setlist ( may be inaccurate i'll check tomorrow )

" Modern Way " :