jeudi 26 juillet 2012

ZZ TOP @ Olympia, Paris july 27 2012

ZZ TOP @ Olympia, Paris july 27 2012

The famous Bearded Texans are back in Paris for a sold-out show at the 2700 capacity Olympia Theatre in the heart of Paris.
It's a much smaller place than last time they've played over here with The Doobie Brothers opening in 2010 @ Paris Bercy 17 000 capacity arena(click for pics & review).

There's a beautiful and very simple stage , a screen in the back playing the show and some of their most famous videos, two small screens on the sides and one of the most beautiful drum kit I have ever seen.

The band is introduced on the stage like in a movie (see pics above) and the show is starting nicely with "Thunderbird" from Fandango.

You can't go wrong, it's a Best Of setlist with only songs from the old days and just a new one from Mexicali but I guess people are only here for the old stuff.
The light is fantastic as always: bright & powerful.

setlist , more pics in Part 2

The show is perfect but after seeing them a few times, you can notice that the band is playing the same "routine" with the same stage moves and attitude. They are on auto-pilot.
Nevertheless they're giving what their fans want: some neat guitar playing, great songs and some "cool attitude".