mardi 3 juillet 2012

Jack White, private radio show @ RTL, Paris July 03 2012, 1:00pm

Jack White @ RTL radio, Paris July 03 2012

Pics above @ RTL radio from official site

Private show in the main studio of RTL at 1:00pm for invited guests and competition winners, around 200 people, all seated apart from a few people standing up against the wall including Allison Mossheart watching the gig on the left side coffee in hand.

Jack played with The Buzzardos a kick ass 30 min show (on @ 1:12pm, ending @ 1:39pm), the drummer is really stealing the show with some heavy drumming, Jack White didn't even say Hello or Goodbye or even looked at the audience, he played his set and left , no encore.
Setlist later... but there was once again a terrific version of "Cut like a Buffalo" which is probably my favorite song Live on this tour.
SETLIST RTL Private show:
1) Missing Pieces
2) freedom at 21
3) Same boy you've always known
4)I cut like a Buffalo
5) Top Yourself
6) Ball & Biscuit

Too bad we couldn't go tonight at the Olympia as he's playing with the Girls.
Here's the setlist anyway:
1)Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground 2) Sixteen Saltines 3) Love Interruption 4) Hotel Yorba 5) You Know That I Know 56) I Guess I Should Go to Sleep 7) Two Against One 8) Weep Themselves to Sleep 9) Hypocritical Kiss 10) Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy 1) Top Yourself 12) Ball and Biscuit 13) Freedom at 21 14) Take me with you... 15) Cannon 16) My doorbell 17) Blue blood blues 18) The same boy... 19) Steady as she goes 20) I'm slowly... 21) 7 nation army