Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sean Lennon & Charlotte Kemp-Muhl @ Fleche d'Or, Paris Oct 6 2010.

Sean Lennon & Charlotte Kemp-Muhl
AKA The Ghost Of Saber Tooth Tiger
+ Zooey
@ Fleche d'Or, Paris Oct 6 2010
Back at the hot & sweaty Fleche d'Or to see Sean Lennon & friend.
Far from being sold-out and lots of younger fans which means that Sean doesn't attract Beatles fans or they are young Beatles fans.
First we have a french easy listening pop duet Zooey, good as a starter.
After a (very) long intermission we have Sean lennon & Charlotte Kemp-Muhl aka The Ghost Of a Saber Tooth Tiger.
Sean Lennon & Friend are getting on stage as late as Axl Rose as it's 10:45 and there's no one to complain.Go and figure it out.

They have a new record out soon so I thought they will only play new songs apart from a cover ( see setlist).
It's a very relax affair with Sean , on the right, on vocals, acoustic guitar & percussion and Charlotte , on the left, on vocals occasional bass, woodwind and other stuff.

It sometimes seems a bit unrehearsed, well maybe not unrehearsed... more like a gig in front of a few friends so the atmosphere is very relax.
Sean is fluent in French ( he has to translate in English to his girlfriend) and is introducing each song.
In fact half the songs have already been played last year when they both played the Point Ephémere ( click for review with Pics...) on Oct 3 2009.
Pop-Folk songs.

Once again we have Irina as a special guest for the encore of this very short set , only 9 songs in all !!!
What only 9 songs !
They could have played a few more specially after everybody waited for more than an hour after the support band.
Come on Sean i'm sure you can do more.
I can't imagine Axl Rose doing the same he would have been nailed to the ground by the press.

Here's one :

Big News:
Sean lennon will be on tour next year with -M- (aka Mathieu Chédid) with his full band.