lundi 11 octobre 2010

Joe Cocker @ Zénith, Paris Oct 10 2010

Joe Cocker @ Zénith Paris
Two "legends" are playing Paris on this sunday night.
Robbie Williams , for the young girls, is playing a private show @ L'Alhambra in République for 700 competition winners and guests.
Joe Cocker, for the old geezers, is playing the Zénith which is packed but not sold-out, maybe 4000 people as it's an all seated event.

We get there too late to see the French rock support band , from what we heard they seem to have done a very decent set.

It's 9:00 PM when Joe Cocker & his band are getting on stage.
Beautiful setting: 3 huge brick-wall backdrop with different projections over it all along the show, some cool old movie lightnings in the back and a huge chandelier hanging from the ceiling.
Two beautiful and very sexy dressed girls on backing vocals, a very hot black girl on bass, Mike Finnigan on keys + Guitar player , drummer, piano player & sax -percussion player.
Slow start with a new song " Get on" then the hits started to hit: " The letter", " When the night comes"...
Joe Cocker still has his Whiskey fueled voice.
Not really convinced by the latest songs he did those last few years , they are all mid-tempo and average including " N'oubliez jamais"
Luckily there are not too many new songs, we have lots of old songs, that why people are here tonight and we have them all. See setlist for details
All the audience stood up for Randy Newman's " You can leave your hat on".
Great ending with "with a little help", " bathroom window" & Cry me a river".
I didn't really understood why the last song was a new one " thankful" ( another mid-tempo)
10:45 Good Bye Paris and Thank You
"Jump" !
Very good set even though some of the new songs are a bit average.
The whole gig was recorded for a future DVD and only this gig.


"Come Together":

From The Beatles