Thursday, December 8, 2011

Smith & Burrows @ Fleche d'Or, Paris Dec 07 2011

Smith & Burrows @ Fleche d'Or, Paris Dec 07 2011
Far from being full tonight when we get @ Fleche d'Or after coming from The Horrors @ Bataclan.
First Aid Kit & Liz Green had already played their set
beautiful setting for the stage with Trees, fairy lights ...
No drummer tonigth just a guy on trumpet in the back, a cello played, a keyboard played and the singer of The Editors (also on piano and guitar) and the former drummer from Razorlight who's on vocals, guitar and piano.
Lots of covers from different bands ( Black , REM and others...) plus some christmas songs.
it's a very laid-back and relaxed concert, It's like seeing friends playing songs in your apartment for a kids party.
There was even a raffle to get some merchandising and a bottle of wine before the encore.

I didn't know what to expect as I was invited by friends when I was leaving the Bataclan , where The Horrors had just played, I'm glad I attended as They've done a great set.

Razorlight @ Fleche d'Or Feb 2011, @ Bataclan in 2008
The Editors @ Olympia 2010, @ Bataclan 2009