Friday, October 21, 2011

Vernissage " Punk Attitude" Exhibition @ Renoma, Paris Oct 20 2011

"Punk Attitude" Exhibition @ Galerie Renoma, 129 bis Rue de la Pompe
Paris Oct 20 2011 -Jan 21 2012
Vernissage of the "Punk Attitude" exhibition @ Renoma on this cold thursday evening.
"Punk Attitude" it is only as this exhibition is taking place in a very posh store in the richest district of Paris, they have jacket that are costing so much ( 900 euros) that you will need to remortgage your house to buy one.
The store is selling lots of Punk-cuztomised clothes,as well as the pics on exhibition, The catch-line might be "Do it yourself" but Renoma is doing it for you and it is costing you your right arm. PUNK it is indeed...

Anyway, it is well-done, many pictures from the Punk era (English & American) from 19 different photographers are on display as well as some vinyls and books AND these customized clothes, the store is beautifully decorated.
It is still smelling paint as they spray some "No Future" slogan on cardboards stuck on the floor and walls with gaffer tape.
A band was ready to play on the first level but we left before as we had to go the the Fleche d'Or to see Peter Murphy.

Check the Jimi Hendrix exhibition @ Galerie Renoma from last year.