Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Santana @ Paris Bercy Oct 12 2010

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Updated Oct 14 with setlist

+ The Gipsy Kings & Cindy Blackman
@ Paris Bercy, Oct 12 2010

Santana is back in Paris (After playing in Bercy on June 24 2008 with Sheryl Crow, click for Pics, setlist & review) to promote his new album of covers with many guests on guitar, as often these last few years Santana is his own guest on one of his album.
needless to tell you that we're not interested but LIVE Santana is always great.
so there's no way we could miss this gig.
Sanntana is still very popular in France , he's playing Bercy, it's not sold-out but it's hard to find an empty seat.
Oh yeah ! it's an all seated concert, lots of late 30's -40's & 50's in the audience and a few kids too, it's a family affair.

Santana + The Gipsy Kings

With Santana it's always groovy with latin rythms, the kind of music perfect for dancing but not in Paris ( once again) people prefered to stay seated even if Santana told them that seats are props and that everybody should dance, even both singers tried to have them stand up on their feet, They couldn't.
Lots of Classics of course, we're here to listen to the old stuff, the sound is perfect even with 2 drummers, 1 percussion, 2 singers, 2 guitars & a couple of horns.
Santana was delighted to introduced the lovely Cindy Blackman on drums for a couple of songs, she's the new Ms Santana and former drummer for Lenny kravitz.
Great drum solo baby !
It's 9:40 PM and after 70 min it's time for a 20 min intermission.
For the second part we had a couple of guys from The Gipsy Kings to play a couple of songs, not really my cup of tea but it was fun.
Then we had more hits more guitar soli, a strange groovy-rap version of AC/DC's "Back in Black" ( great nevertheless) and a great version of Cream's "Sunshine of your love" here on video (scroll down).
There was a small tribute to John Lennon when the bass player during his solo played "Imagine".
Dennis Chambers also had his minutes of fame with a powerfull drum solo.

1) Yaleo
2) Taboo/whole lotta love
3) Aya Aya Aya/ Para los rumberos
4) Maria maria
5) Foo Foo
6) Corazon espinado (with cindy Blackman)
7) Capri (with Cindy Blackman)
8) Boogie woman
9) Jingo
10) Singing winds crying beasts/ Black magic woman/ Gipsy Queen
11) Oye coma va
12) Bamboleo/ X Factor/ Africa Bamba (with Gipsy Kings)
13) Don Quixote/ Back in Black
14) Europa
15) Evil Ways/ A love supreme
16) Sunshine of your love
17) Smooth/Dame tu amor
Woodstock chant
18) Soul sacrifice
19) Bridegroom/ Into the nigt
20) Love, Peace & Happiness/ Freedom

All the musicians were introduced, Cindy came back on the stage for a little dance with her husband.

Isn't she lovely
Same encores with "Soul sacrifice & into the night ( I hope I get it right)
Then it' was time to say goodbye to us all.
11:50 PM the End
Thanks again for 3 groovy hours of show.
Can I get an Amen ?


"Sunshine of your love":