Sunday, October 10, 2010

Prince to play the Palais des Sports in Paris this week ?

Updated Oct 16: It's been shelved , gig should have took place on Oct 14 (so they say ;-)) even though some of his musicians are in Paris.
Maybe later we'll try to find out but not in december has Prince has just announced at a press conference @ the Appolo a residency in NYC for December called " Welcome 2 America".

Oct 11 , nothing new for the moment, I should have more info tonight.
but it looks like there's something going on

Pics: Prince @ Grand Palais Oct 11 2009.

A friend of mine who knows someone who knows someone... told me that there are strong rumours that PRINCE will play a "private" show at the Palais des Sports next week in Paris.

I'll try to know more today.
So stay tuned to ROCKERPARIS.