Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Posies @ Divan du Monde, Paris Oct 4 2010

On the same night The Posies were playing the tiny Divan du Monde in Pigalle for an 80 min show.Including surprise guest Hugh Cornwell for a few songs.

Here's the setlist (From Oliver Peel): click for videos
01: So Caroline
02: Please Return It
03: Licenses To Hide
04: Sad To Be Aware
05: Solar Sister
06: The Glitter Prize
07: Plastic Paperbacks ( with Hugh Cornwell)
08: Accidental Architecture
09: Take Care Of Yourself
10: Cleopatra Street
11: Enewetak
12: Conversations
13: Love Letter Boxes
14: Throwaway
15: I Guess You're Right
16: Flavor Of The Month

17: She's Coming Down Again
18: Rain On A River (with Hugh)
19: Going To The City (with Hugh)
20: Dream All Day

All videos from UschiRocksParis , Thanks