Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Philippe katerine @ Black Session C'est Lenoir France Inter, Paris oct 25 2010

Katerine @ Black Session #319 C'est Lenoir
France Inter radio, Paris Oct 25 2010

Katerine is still promoting his latest album with some private shows this time it's a Black Session after playing the Studio SFR (we were there, click for review and Pics), L' Album de la Semaine or the Maroquinerie club for Deezer.
When we saw him at Studio SFR it was our first time and we thought it was complete crap: music and lyrics. Not even funny.
We didn't really changed our mind tonight even though it wasn't as bad as last time.
Why this guy is so popular in France is still a mistery to me.
Maybe we don't have ANY sense of humour.