Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Patti Smith @ Virgin megastore on Champs Elysées Oct 20 2010 8:00PM

Patti Smith signing session @ Virgin Megastore
Champs Elysées Paris Oct 20 2010 8:20 PM
It started a bit late, 8:20 PM when Patti started signing books at the beginning of the queue.
She then played a song and went to the table to start signing her new book.
When everybody had their book signed she played a couple more songs on the small stage including a impro for the evening at the Virgin.
By 10:00 it was all over.
No reading too bad
Last time I did one was with Marianne Faithfull and it was at the cosy bar upstrairs.

If you couldn't go, she's doing another one tomorrow ( Oct 21st) @ 6:00PM @ L'Arbre à lettres, Rue du Fbg St Honoré M° Ledru Rollin.

Tomorrow night Big Brother & the Holding Cie ( Janis Joplin former band) is playing the Boule Noire in Pigalle
see ya there