Monday, October 4, 2010

N-E-R-D @ L'Album de la semaine, Canal+ Paris Oct 4th 2010

N-E-R-D @ L' Album de la Semaine Canal+
Paris Oct 4th 2010
N-E-R-D is in Paris for a few days promoting their brand new album to be out on Nov 1st, they will be playing the Zénith tomorrow with VV Brown & Mark Ronson.
5 musicians all dressed in black (including two drummers), 2 rappers and two sexy black dancers on platforms on each side of the stage with Pharrell Williams , dressed in white center stage.
Is it N-E-R-D or Pharrell Williams' NERD ?
They've played only 7 songs , the first 4 songs were very slow and Pharrell stuck to his mike reading the lyrics so the show really started with faster and groovier songs , the last three.
They didn't seem to give a fuck, too bad.
Good set but it could have been so much better.