Saturday, October 9, 2010

Leslie West of Mountain @ New Morning, Paris Oct 08 2010

Leslie West @ New Morning
Paris Oct 08 2010
Hard to remember the last time that Leslie West was in Paris for a concert, I probably wasn't born.
The guy is a bit of a legend, leader of the band Mountain.
When we arrived at the New Morning for the soundcheck it was hard to believe that he's on his own on the electric guitar, no bass player ans no drummer.
What the fuck ?
Neil Young is doing it for his new album, so if Neil can do it, Leslie can do it either.
Unfortunately things didn't go as smoothly as we thought.
1)his guitar playing is good but could be better
2) It's a fucking karaoke as he's playing only covers apart from a couple of songs
It could have been so much better with 2 other guys on bass and drums.
SETLIST (set 1, 30 min):
-People get ready
-Blowing in the wind
-Why don'tcha (request from the audience)
-For Yosgun's farm
-House of the rising sun
Set 2, 45 min:
-Paris song(?)/ Classical song
-The Cell
-Stormy Monday
-Whale song(?)
-Mississipi Queen
-Theme for an imaginary western

For ya "Mississipi Queen"

Leslie West of Mountain