Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Solvents + Ollie Furry + Lady Bug @ Oliver Peel session # 24, Paris May 21st 2010

The Solvents + Ollie Furry + Lady Bug
@ Oliver Peel session #24, Paris May 21st 2010

Lady Bug opens the show

This Oliver Peel session #24 nearly didn't happened : lute player Jozef Van Wissen cancelled at the eleventh hour because of a severe tendonitis to his wrist.
Jeanne who was supposed to open for him consequently refused to play so...
Oliver did his best and thanks to his many contacts could secure two other acts for tonight's Oliver Peel session.

First is Polish folk lady LadyBug , opening her short set on banjo then on acoustic guitar for some cool folk-rock songs.

Then we have French Folk artist Ollie Furry , who's also familiar to the oliver peel session as a member of the audience, dark low voice and acoustic guitar, the 5 songs E.P. that he was selling was sold-out after he played his short set so check his myspace for more.(and our video)

Ollie Furry
Part of the audience

Headlining tonight from Washington state is American band The Solvents, They're good friends with June Madrona band which already played here.
Another folk-rock act this time with acoustic guitar and violin but it is a real band on cd with drums, bass and some electric guitars. So don't get fooled by the video on ROCKERPARIS, they're much more Indie rock on the album.

The Solvents

Nice Friday evening.