Saturday, May 8, 2010

Paul Di Anno @ Forum Vauréal, May 7th 2010

Paul Di Anno + Waltari @ Forum de Vauréal
May 7th 2010
Paul Di Anno former singer with Iron Maiden is playing Vauréal , a new city 35 kilometers from Paris.
I've been told that he played last week in a very small city 20 km outside of Paris in a fuckin' restaurant, he couldn't believe how he landed there.
It's funny there's nothing at all around, the city center looks like being in the "Truman Show" or Disney-land , all the buildings are brand new and looking fake situated in the middle of nowhere.
A bit like Milton Keynes in better or Portmerion.( for all you ignorant bastards reading this, this the "Village "from "The Prisoner").

Le Forum is a small club ( capacity around 300), Steve Lukather from Toto played there last month.
Gates opened really late @ 8:30 PM, then we had to endure support band Waltari for a good hour, and Paul Di Anno didn't play before 10:30 PM.

Good light show and really heavy sound Paul is in fine spirit even though he can barely walk without help as he has problem to one of his leg, he's having surgery in Brasil to fix it at the end of the tour in Brazil where he lives.
Hard to recognize him if you still have in your mind the way he was looking when he was singing in Iron Maiden. He's bald without tattoos all over his body, he's looking like a perfect English hooligan at a football match.

Cheers and thumbs up !

He still has a decent voice, lots of very heavy versions of Iron maiden songs from the first two albums he recorded with them (the best ones) + songs from his solo career.(see setlist for details)
We also had a fast & furious Ramones' cover " Blitzkrieg Pop" lasting no more than a minute.
"I'm coming from Punk, you know !"
One thing is for sure he hates his ex-wife and London.

Nice girl in nice outfit
He was playing with a very good all french band
Heavy 90 min set, all the best to Paul for his leg surgery.

" Remember tomorrow"