Saturday, May 15, 2010

Madness + Les Wampas @ Zénith, Paris May 14th 2010

Madness + Les Wampas @ Zénith
Paris May 14th 2010

Les Wampas

We are @ the Zénith a little bit late so we've missed half of French Punk-rock band Les Wampas' set.
We can sneak easily in the first rows down the front as the pit isn't really packed, it's a small Zénith so there's probably 2500 Frenchies in there, well less than that as there are lots of our mates from England.

Les Wampas are ALWAYS fun to watch, and i've seen them many times now , thanks to their leader & singer Didier Wampas who's making the show on his own, running everywhere including at the back of the venue or crowdsurfing on a chair.(see Pics)

Kid wanna rock

A young kid went on a stage to sing " C'est Noel" and as usual many girls went on stage as well for the last song of the set.
There are always beautiful girls at a Wampas gig.

Kiss Kiss Kiss & Hug Hug Hug

Girls, Girls, Girls...

Madness, They call it ... Madness

Then it's time for Madness to play thier first real headlining show in Paris for many years.
They've played 3 times in the French capital last year:
first one was a showcase at the Ciné Aqua (click for review Pics & videos)
Second & Third was @ Rock en Seine festival as Oasis exploded in Paris before playing the festival and Madness was asked to play a second gig on the same day as" headliner". the best substitute you could ever find.
That was our day as we don't give a shit about Oasis and came mainly to see Madness.

They haven't changed things that much since last year.
I mean Who would ? They are at the top of their game.

Always starting the gig with "One step beyond" then straight into "Ambarassment".
The atmosphere is really cool in the front , lots of people jumping up and down or dancing.

Like the Wampas, in a different way Madness is always fun to watch.
The guys as smart as ever in jackets & ties.

Lots of fun and smiles from the band and from the audience.

They've played many songs from the first record ( the best) and some from the last one (see setlist for details).
With all the records they have done maybe they could have played a bit longer, 80 min is a bit short isn't it ?
Short but... great fun !

Setlist for Paris zénith

Sorry no videos from ROCKERPARIS this time but CHECK THIS :
Nightboat to Cairo, Our House, One step Beyond