Friday, May 21, 2010

Juliette Lewis @ Fleche d' Or, Paris may 20th 2010

Juliette Lewis @ Fleche d'Or
Paris, May 20th 2010, 10:00PM
American Hollywood actress Juliette Lewis is doing a residency @ Fleche d'Or in Paris.
First show was yesterday and she's playing tomorrow (friday) and the day after tomorrow.
La Fleche d'or is probably trying to beat the Bataclan for the "hottest" club in Paris , so hot in there... hot & sweaty.
We just get in time to see the last song of the support band.
It's quite full though far from being sold-out, lots of photographers down the front including our own : Patrice Guino.
Relax atmosphere but it's so hot , it's hard to make a move without sweating, La Fleche d'Or needs you to order more and more beer at the bar as the entrance is only 8 Euros ( with a free drink).
We know that Juliette Lewis is a real rock chick maybe not a great singer but she's a real tiger on stage.
We already saw her at the Trabendo a couple of years ago.She was on fire.
Pure vintage rock'n roll à la Grand Funk. She can't stop.

Juliette french-kissing someone in the audience ?

Tonight lots of rock'n roll songs but not only, a couple are more laid back or maybe it is because of the heat she's playing longer version just to cool down a bit.
She did a bit of stage-diving into the audience and crowd surfing and had the Frenchies sing a bit.
She's giving it all on stage maybe too much as she only played for 45 min and NO encore.
Very nice show anyway.
Keep on Roooooocking , Babbyyy !!!

Maybe she could have played a bit longer ( she played 2 more songs yesterday).
Can we get the AC fixed please ?

See ya tomorrow

Told ya she's rockin' !