Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Emmanuelle Seigner @ Le Palace, Paris May 10th 2010

Emmanuelle Seigner @ Le Palace
Paris May 10th 2010
French actress Emmanuelle Seigner is playing the beautiful Palace Theatre.
This place is very famous for having the best wild parties back in the late 70's -early 80's ( A French Studio 54) and lots of gigs too ( Johnny Thunders, Stray Cats...).
It's just been re-opened after more than 15 years.
First time I'm going to this mythic theatre, well , it's really beautiful and it is as it was back then.
We have great seats on the second row. Thanks to Marie -Claire ;-)
It looks like most of the people attending the gig were on the guest lists, many of them ( or all of them) coming from the movie industry or friends & relatives.
Not the usual rock punter.
I already saw Emmanuelle Seigner when she did a showcase at the Fnac forum a few months ago when the record was released and I was less than impress, songs were a bit lame and her singing was average.

This time she's rocking !
She opened the set with the theme from Rosemary's baby ( a movie by her husband Roman Polanski who's detained in Switzerland)
The first songs were really rock, it calmed down a bit afterwards with mid-tempo songs.
We had a couple of acoustic songs and then back to some rockier tunes.
She's singing songs in french and others in English.
She's much more confident with her voice, even if she's singing sometimes flat and you can see that she practised a lot her stage moves.
We had nice covers of Jacques Dutronc's " on nous cache tout , on nous dit rien" and Nico's "Femme fatale".

It's a nice surprise , this gig and much better than i thought it would be, in fact we enjoyed it a lot.
She wasn't on stage for a long time only 65 min.
She could have played a bit more as she had a standing ovation from her friends from the showbizzzz.

Jacques Dutronc cover:

There was an aftershow party at the bar downstairs for the happy few, Emanuelle came to say hello to her friends. French actresses Anne Parillaud ( Nikita) and Agathe de la Fontaine were there among others.
Champagne and canopes were flowing for a couple of hours, when we left the party was still on.
Nice evening.