Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ben's Symphonic Orchestra + Lisa Portelli @ L' International, Paris May 11th 2010

Ben's Symphonic Orchestra + Lisa Portelli
@ L'International, Paris May 11th 2010

Lisa Portelli

The famous Oliver Peel is co-organising this "Mon petit club" session @ L'international.
This is the first one of its kind and it's a success , I've never seen so many people at the International on a tuesday night, the place is packed, feels like we're on saturday.
We arrived too late to see Lisa portelli's set, we were there for the last song, she was on her own with an electric guitar, she rocked.

Ben's Symphonic Orchestra

Then we had Ben's Symphonic Orchestra.
A power trio playing some indie rock, cool gig.

Too bad they just blew it by ending their set slaughtering a David Bowie song