Saturday, January 16, 2010

Emilie Simon + Pacovolume @ Casino de Paris Jan 16th 2010

Emile Simon + Pacovolume
@ Casino de Paris Paris Jan 16th 2010
First of two shows for Emilie Simon @ Casino de Paris , this one is sold-out.
French Support band Pacovolume is opening on the whole tour. They've probably listen to The Cars a lot , nice pop-rock 80's orientated on some songs , they've done a Kim Wylde 's cover " Kids in America".
Maybe the singer should work his English prononciation a bit more.


After a long wait Emilie Simon greats the Casino de Paris, there's only one drummer on the left and a keyboard-bass player on the right, Emilie is center stage behind her keyboards for all the songs but two..
Her voice is stunning, it's really incredible how she now sounds like Kate Bush.
Lots of electronics on some songs, which is not really my cup of tea but she's so charming you don't notice it too much.
The music sounds a bit 80's even though it's modern and up to date.
You close your eyes and it's like being at a Kate Bush gig , we miss Kate so much, she should be back on a stage.