Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pony Pony Run Run video shooting for The Hiboo Paris Sept 10th 2009

Pony Pony Run Run video shooting for Le Hiboo
@ Place des Vosges Paris Sept 10 th 2009

now girls are smoking the pipe

Young french band : Pony Pony Run Run ( what kind of name is this ;- )) is shooting for the website Le Hiboo at the beautiful Place des Vosges; things started a bit late, around 5PM.
Many people came to see the shooting 95% of them beautiful teenage girls.
I have to drop this shit and play some guitar. LOL
They did a couple of takes in the square and then another 2 in a street nearby, so that was pretty quick probably because no one asked the police to shoot in the streets of Paris.
I didn't know which band it was at all ( i was invited by a friend ) but I knew one of their song which is quite good.
5:30PM time to go to the David Lynch exhibition at the Galleries Lafayette.

There's someone here who knows she's cute

Olé !!!!!!!!!
Video to come shortly