Sunday, September 6, 2009

Uriah Heep @ Olympia Paris Sept 6th 2009

Uriah Heep / Blue Oyster Cult
@ Olympia Paris Sept 6th 2009

Double bill

It took 27 years to Uriah Heep to finally come back to Paris.
Of course there has been a few changes , some have left , some have died but Uriah heep is still alive and well.
Mick Box is the only survivor from the original line-up , now they have Bernie Shaw on vocals , Trevor Bolder on bass, Phil Lanzon on Keys & new guy Russel Gilbrook on Drums.
My head in your butt ( right )
Nice boot

Uriah Heep is the first band on stage but are playing a full show , there's not really an opening act , Harley Davidson France the promoter of this gig wanted a double act bill.
I can't say i know them as I never really took the time to listen to their music, but they've deliver a very good show with lots of epic songs
Trevor Bolder from "Ziggy Stardust" fame ( left )

Bernie Shaw has a lot of precense on stage and knows perfectly how to play with the audience with typical rock' n roller stage moves.

Mick Box always has a smile on his face and Trevor is focus on his bass parts. Remember he is the guy from the Ziggy Stardust band with Mick Ronson & David Bowie.
Lots of die-hard fans at the sold out Olympia tonight.


The band is happy and so is the audience.
For more details see setlist below.
Great set
Can Blue Oyster Cult follow after such a good set ?

Hey Guys , the other way 'round

Goodbye Ladies , setlist