Monday, September 28, 2009

AC / DC 's Backtracks Box -set The visual :

Updated Sept 29th :

Here's the link with lots of pics from the collector's box-set , the details for all the tracks on cd & dvd and so on....

The only thing I can say after seeing this : the so called "unreleased songs"... and the price they're selling it

How can you sell something like this ?
There's NOTHING at all in this boxset , all the so-called unreleased songs are all well-known songs that any AC/DC fans already have.
Not mentioning all the songs from the "Live at Donington" & " No Bull"
This limited edition boxset is also manufactured in the USA which means that there are taxes (30 euros ) and shipping (45 euros ) so : 75 Euros to add to the price .
Don't tell me that SONY couldn't have manufactured it in Europe.
Fuckin' crooks.

Here's the visual for the box-set , out in mid -November