Friday, June 26, 2009

Tada Tata + Milk & fruit juice @ Oliver Peel session # 8 Paris june 25th 2009

Tada Tata + Milk & Fruit juice @ Oliver Peel session # 8
Somewhere near the Eiffel Tower June 25th 2009

The beautiful people & Milk ( or is he Fruit juice ? )

Oliver Peel & Cécile are welcoming us tonight for an unusual Thursday night-Oliver-Peel session.
Some very good home made pizzas , cupcakes ( home made by Mathilde ) and macarons plus lots of rosé but not only as ...
The first band on stage is French pop-folkies Milk & Fruit Juice ,once again it's hot as hell in here ( they're doing a competition with the Bataclan for the hottest club ) but we're lucky to be treated with some refreshing pop-folk mainly played on Ukulele with a little help from their friends on guitar, percussion and backing vocals.
Don't ask me who's Milk and who's Fruit Juice , I haven't figure it out yet.
The fruit-juices or the Milkies ?

This Oliver Peel session #8 started very late as the girls from Sweden Tada Tata were stuck in the traffic.
Tada Tàtà played around 11 PM.
Short but very cool set of Electro Pop Folk mostly played on guitar & Ukulele and Music toys with the help of an Ipod for some backgound music operated by the master himself : Oliver.
These funny little Swedish girls are doing fine with some very nice harmony vocals.
They will be playing the Music for Toys Festival on june 28th @ L' international.

Baby girls with music toys
Tada Tata