Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Green Day @ Trabendo Paris May 12th 2009

UPDATED MAY 15th : Link to download "Longview " video.

Green Day @ Trabendo Paris
May 12th 2009

setlist inaccurate , they've done more

After seeing them yesterday @ L' Album de la Semaine tv show for Canal+ , I wanted more of that powerful pop music.
Do these guys have to go to bed early or what ? Is their mummy waiting for them at home ?
It's 7:30 and the show has already started for more than 20 min.
Guess I'm late one more time.
Anyway , they know how to entertain 17 year old girls , all screaming like maniacs, they also know how to play their shit , it's absolutely perfect.
Songs are really good too
They're very entertaining even though they're playing a very light american " Punk" , some called it Disney-Punk.
Lost of new songs ( some are 6 min+ ) and a few oldies thrown in at the end.
They've added lots of songs to the original setlist.
They didn't get 20 yelling girls on stage like yesterday , only one but she sang a couple of verses from a song , Lucky you !
Great Show
Sad they're acting like fucking rock stars just because 20 underage girls are waiting for them at the end of the show.
Hey guys come back to mother earth, You're not supposed to be Punks ?
Joe Strummer ( Who ? ) is probably laughing out loud from his grave.

Young girls and a drum stick & Mr Rock Star surrounded by security

- 21st Century Breakdown
- Know Your Enemy
- East Jesus Nowhere
- Last of the American Girls
- Murder City
- Viva La Gloria? (Little Girl)
- The Static Age
- 21 Guns
- American Eulogy: Mass Hysteria / Modern World
- See The Light
-- Encore --
- American Idiot
- Jesus of Suburbia
- Longview
- Basket Case
- King for a Day (Shout / Stand by me)
- Minority

Greeeeeen Daaayyyyyy !!!!
" American Idiot"

More videos HERE.