Thursday, June 5, 2008

Rage Against The Machine Bercy Jun 4th

I was REALLY expecting RATM .
This has been SOLD OUT for weeks with tickets selling at silly prices on the internet.
Saw them a few times before and they were Kicking ass.
After they split up a few years ago Zack disappeared and the 3 others played with former Soundgarden's singer Chris Cornell . They've released 3 cds ( 1st one was good
the two others were crap )
They've decided to go back together which is a wise move.

Soul williams opened and failed.

We had to wait more than an hour before they get on stage but it was worth it.
They've tear the place apart . I haven't seen Bercy in such a state of euphoria for many years : from the first row down the front to the last one in the stalls EVERYBODY was jumping like lunatics.
The guys from the Raveonettes were "sitting" next to me and were having a good time as were 16500 people here tonight.
Tom's mother was sitting by the side of the stage in a sofa. so funny to see such an old lady there .

They didn't play for more than 80 min but that's always been their policy :
Heavy, Fast and ...Short.
Bercy literally erupted for 'Killing in the name' .

the setlist was just perfect :
  • Testify,
  • Bulls on parade,
  • People of the sun,
  • Bombtrack,
  • Know your enemy,
  • Bullet in the head,
  • Born of a broken man,
  • Renegades of funk,
  • Guerilla radio,
  • Down rodeo,
  • Calm like a bomb,
  • Sleep now in the fire,
  • War within a breath
  • Freedom (medley Township rebellion),
  • Killing in the name
Couldn't believe i went to see Feist yesterday.