Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Radiohead Paris Bercy Jun 9th 2008

Hi there
So that's my first message on this Blog , let's see how things are working down here .

Yesterday was the the first Radiohead concert at the 16500 capacity Bercy arena. they will be playing tonight as well. Bat For Lashes is supporting for both night .
Couldn't be in time for the support slot.
I gotta say i WAS very fond of them many years until they played some dumbass electronic music after OK Computer and i wasn't really convinced by their "free-download-pay-what-you-want" - iN rAINBOWS - album. But Radiohead has always been very good on stage.
Unfortunately tonight they played too many songs from their lasts albums to really get my attention; Don't get me wrong they were good especially with the old rocking gems; But they are way toooo electro for me.
So i had mixed feelings about yesterday's gig.

Setlist :
1) All I Need
2) There There
3) Lucky
4) Bangers’n Mash
5) 15 Step
6) Nude
7) Pyramid Song
8) Arpeggi
9) The Gloaming
10) My Iron Lung
11) Faust Arp
12) Videotape
13) Morning Bell
14) Where I End And You Begin
15) Reckoner
16) Everything In Its Right Place
17) Bodysnatchers
Rappel 1
18) Exit Music (For A Film)
19) Jigsaw Falling Into Place
20) House Of Cards
21) Paranoid Android
22) Street Spirit
Rappel 2
23) Like Spinning plates
24) You and whose Army ?
25) Idioteque

So they've played the whole of " In rainbows" including the bonus song.
Only 2 tracks from -The Bends- and 3 tracks from - OK Computer-