Monday, June 16, 2008

Pete Doherty @Truskel Video

Hi there
Nothing happened these last few days so i though i could put on a video i've recorded @ Truskel that was the last song ( Can't stand me now ) he played that night , he was so pissed off by people talking as you can see:

i've just opened a youtube account , i'll post more videos shortly
check it :

Monday is busy :

Elliott Murphy fnac montparnasse 5.30 pm
I'm just back : Elliott played all his new cd
Here's a picture from after the 50 min showcase

Joan as a policewoman : Nouveau Casino 9 pm
Yelle : trabendo sessions 8 pm
The Mabuses : black session France Inter 10 pm

Tomorrow :
Yael Naim Trabendo sessions 3pm
and KISS @ Bercy