Thursday, June 26, 2008

BJORK Paris Olympia Jun 25th 2008

4 VIDEOS ONLINE FROM THE OLYMPIA ( updated June 29th )

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After Sheryl Crow's performance in Bercy yesterday , i though about going back to see her at La Cigale.
A friend reminded me of Bjork playing the Olympia theatre. Even if I've never been a fan of her music that's worth going to .
I just hate all this electronic crap but i saw her a few times and each time i enjoyed the concert. She's allways dressing up on stage and she knows how to put on a Show.

Tickets for this gig were sold in less than 5 min ( at silly prices between 70 and 110 euros ).
This concert is a event as it's her only gig in Paris for this tour and everything is recorded on tape ( TV show or DVD ? ).
Musicians here are not conventionnal nor drummer or bass player : a percussionnist , a keyboard player , 2 guys behind computers and a dozen girls dressed up singing backing vocals and playing brass .
I can't tell you what she played as i don't know that much about her music , but i enjoyed every minute.
The stage was beautifully decorated and her voice is pretty amazing .

Very good night indeed .

00. Intro - Brennið Þið Vitar
01. Earth Intruders
02. Hunter
03. Immature
04. Joga
05. I See Who You Are
06. Pleasure Is All Mine
07. Pagan Poetry
08. Vertebrae By Vertebrae
09. Where Is The Line
10. Who Is It
11. Oceania (Instrumental)
12. Desired Constellation
13. Army Of Me
14. Innocence
15. Triumph Of A Heart
16. Bachelorette
17. Vökurö
18. Wanderlust
19. Hyperballad
20. Pluto
21. Declare Independance

Setlist from the French Bjork website :

Robert Trujillo bass player from Metallica was hanging around backstage



"Hyperballad" :

" Declare independance" :

Another song from the Olympia ( updated June 29th ) :