mardi 23 juin 2015

Jimmy Page @ Fnac Ternes, Paris, June 23 2015

Jimmy Page @ Fnac Ternes, Paris, June 23 2015
 45 min Q&A with Jimmy Page on his last day of his promo trip in Paris.
Jimmy is back in Paris to promote the last 3 Led Zep records to be treated with a box-set release "Presence"", "In throught the outdoor" & "Coda".
Interview done with a gut from Oui fm who did a good job, some of the questions came from the audience, from competitions winners, with everything prepared in advance with Jimmy reading the question in English on a piece of paper while the lucky winner was asking Jimmy in French.
Between answers they've played some of the songs from the companion disc which wasn't really necessary.
Jimmy was nice and chatty even though we didn't learn anything new.
Once again he said that now that his job is done with the remastered LED ZEP , he will concentrate on his own music and there will be something new for 2016, hope so...
Full video of the Q&A should be available soon on the fnac website

short clip of his 40 min+ interview in front of an audience

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