lundi 27 octobre 2014

Jimmy Page @ RTL "Les Nocturnes", Paris Oct 29 2014

Jimmy Page @ RTL "Les Nocturnes", Paris Oct 29 2014
 Jimmy Page will be @ RTL's studio to answer questions from fans and journalists.

An hour in the company of Jimmy Page with MC Georges Lang with questions from the audience, the room is packed, with vips who get all the best seats down the front and guests (us) in the back.
Too bad Jimmy & Georges were on the same level as the seated audience, they should have been on a small platform, so we couldn't see that much, in fact the best view was in the back standing up, it wasn't a problem as the room is very small with only 150 people.
We all get a t-shirt on the way in and posters on the way out which was really nice from the record Cie.
Everyone without a ticket could get in so that was very nice from RTL who know how to treat people.
All the questions were very conventional,  about the remastered cds and companion disc so for die-hard fans like us,we didn't learn anything new but spending a hour with Jimmy in such good conditions was just fantastic
so thanks to RTL for this.

It will be broadcasted around midnight with a special website dedicated to the event on RTL with bonus material.

Led Zeppelin première with Jimmy Page @ Olympia May 21 2014 (below)

Jimmy @ Canal+: