mardi 1 juillet 2014

Jack White (2nd show) @ Olympia, Paris June 30 2014

Jack White (2nd show) @ Olympia, Paris June 30 2014
Jack White promoting new album "Lazaretto" with two sold-out shows in Paris. We couldn't go yesterday but we're here in a hot & sweaty Olympia theatre.
Still blue & white colors but different band from the one on the previous tour, 5 musicians plus Jack White center stage.
For the first 3-4 songs Jack White is forcing his voice and moving like a maniac so his voice is not at his best then he's settling a bit and things are getting better.

The guitar is a bit low in the mix and it takes time to be really into the music but Jack White is delivering a kicking ass show, with a Best of his career, we would have preferred more songs from Blunderbluss which is one of the greatest rock record of the last 5 years.
New songs are not that fantastic with "Lazaretto" far from being as good as the previous one.

The band is also having fun by playing a few covers ( Dylan, Robert Johnson, Howling Wolf) including  Dick Dale's famous instrumental song and Police's "Message in a bottle".
Fantastic encore...
 Full setlist here

Great show but the previous tour was much better

Merchandising and the audience... (above)