lundi 2 juin 2014

Prince, concert n°1 @ Zénith, Paris June 01st 2014

Prince, concert n°1, 6:00 pm @ Zénith, Paris June 01st 2014

Sorry no Pictures for this one we've been told to erase all pictures

Prince never do the same as other musicians, he's the only who can announce playing two shows the same day into a 6000 seats concert hall less than two weeks before the D Day.
Everybody was expecting a nightmare to get tickets with prices ranging from 70 euros for the pit to 140 euros for the best seats in the house.
Standing tickets were quickly sold-out but you could still buy the, supposed,  best seats "Cat 1" on the day.
Some many people were selling tickets outside the Zénith that you could easily get one, whatever the category, for a mere 30 euros.
Inside you can feel the excitation of the audience when the house light is off with Prince appearing behind his mike-Love Symbol-stand and guitar in hand for a rock rendition of "Let's go crazy".
His afro gives him a funny look surrounded by his all girl band 3RDEYEGIRL, probably not the best band he has played with but the girls are sexy.
Tonight is a best of concert with all the Hits, I guess he's promoting the newly remastered back catalogue albums to be out soon. I haven't seen Prince so many times on stage but it's the first time that I see him playing so many of his Hit songs in one show. For me that's all right even though hard-core fans would prefer more obscure songs. Sometimes it's nice to hear the Hits.
The show is divided in several parts: He's Rock with lots of guitars and Prince is kicking ass when he's on the 6-strings. Dance: with a sampler-medley part, that is less interesting... Lover when he's playing the piano but whatever he's doing it's always Funky.
We're all a bit disappointed when he's leaving the stage for the first Encore after just 60 min. He's back for 25 min more ending his set with "Purple rain".
85 min in all, even though the show was kicking ass, many felt cheated...

Let's Go Crazy
Take Me With U
Raspberry Beret
U Got the Look
When Doves Cry
Sign “O” the Times
Hot Thing
Little Red Corvette
Nothing Compares 2 U
Plectrum Electrum
Something in the Water (Does Not Compute)
Purple Rain